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Address:No.39, Ping'an Road,Jilin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jilin
city,Jilin Province,China.
Post Code:132101
Tel:+86 432-66963477
Fax:+86 432-66963499
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The short description of the company

   A limited liability company Jiyan high-tech Fibers from the Jilin city is a subsidiary of China Hi-Tech Group Corporation, now the new technology and high-tech of Jilin province, authorized capital of 20 million Yuan. The core business is development and manufacture of products of carbon fiber, while with the highest annual output has production lines for the production of 160 tons of carbon fibers based on polypropylene nitrile, technology and production capacity in the domestic market has a leading position, is an important undertaking for China development and production of new fibrous materials.
   The main product of the company are: carbon fibers on the basis of PAN, carbon fiber fabric on the basis of PAN, carbon fibers based on viscose, can also produce short-cut carbon fiber, carbon fiber’s powder, carbon rope and the subsequent production of it, provides hundreds of Chinese enterprises of high quality products form carbon fiber.
   Production of 20 000 carbon fiber bike, is the leading products of our company. Mark "Jihaolin" is a private label company, is currently on the market has already reached the mountain and racing bikes. The company successfully launched fourth "Jihaolin Cup" Jilin city of China, the Grand Prix ring carbon bike on the highway along the Songhua River, have also provided all of the bikes for competition carbon bike brands "Jihaolin" have become the leading carbon fiber bicycles in China.

Organizational structure
Kat-Tech Research Quality Management System Organization Chart
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