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Address:No.39, Ping'an Road,Jilin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jilin
city,Jilin Province,China.
Post Code:132101
Tel:+86 432-66963477
Fax:+86 432-66963499
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Corporate philosophy
The basic concepts: harmony, merge, respect, a generality
Idea of the enterprise: integration of the superiority of resources to create the first class enterprise
Corporate values: achievements of investments, successes of an innovation, a result generality
Corporate spirit: the general advancement of a command, паралельно to a stream, integrity and pragmatic, mutually advantageous cooperation
The plan for development
  The plan for development of Jiyan Hi-tech on 2008 – 2012 yy.
  The plan for development of Jiyan Hi-tech on 2008 – 2012 yy: on the basis of the existing industry of a carbon fiber to continue to give particular attention to expansion of a chain of the industry of a carbon fiber, a carbon fiber from raw materials to finished goods, regional integration of the basic possibilities of resources; Pursuit of creation of "steady cost", modern business idea, at the expense of manufacture and the capital, management of the capital, formation of fibers on the basis of PAN, a carbon fiber, prepregs, production with a carbon fiber as the basic material, leaning against the national technical research center and the National project of engineering laboratory in the field of the new synthetic materials, the new technological processes, new technologies and hi-tech projects for industrial structure which will be constructed in the guitar technician of research in modern sense, scientific management, advanced culture, the big pool of talent, good social image with wide prospects for development big, modern, diversified corporation of fiber manufacture as raw materials in China.
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