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Production detailed name

Detailed parameters

Scope of use

pre--oxidized wires

Axis products, boxes

Asbestos substitutes, tissue to stop the fire, the fire service clothing, clothes for metallurgists, and sealing materials

Carbon fibers

Axis products, boxes

Use of such mechanical properties “easy and strong“ and ”easy and rigid”, are widely used in aviation, space, military, new building materials, automobile mechanical engineering, textile chemistry, in sports production, the goods of leisure and other constructional materials;
Use for dimensional stability, mechanical stability is used in radio telescopes and various moldings;
Its resistance of the weariness, used in the helicopter blade;
Use of vibration of attenuation, use in audio the equipment;
Use of the high temperatures used in aircraft construction of a brake and insulating materials; The use of chemical resistance, used to seal the filler and filters;
The use of electrical characteristics used in electrode materials, electromagnetic shielding materials, conductive materials used for the adaptability of the living body, as applied to artificial bone, ligaments;
With the help of X-ray, applied X-board beds and so on.
You can also activated carbon fiber, used in various fields of adsorption.

Carbon fabric

1K 3K 6K 12K carbon fabric fabric, Kevlar blended, fabric carbon non-film tissue, tissue of one species differ in density, width 80-1000 mm

carbon fibers

3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm,12 mm

Reinforced plastics, nylon, ABS and other resins, cement, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistant, self-lubricating heat-resistant industrial products.

powder from
carbon fiber

Between 100-400(μm)

Rope from a carbon fiber

1K﹑3K﹑6K﹑12K Fabric

Sealing materials, a carbon fabric and carbon felt for environment with high temperature

Carbon felt 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm,12 mm Insulation, heat resistance of the material
Carbon fibers from viscose Yarn, felt

Insulation, ablative material nature

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